Content Samurai Webinars 1 to 9!

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Hi guys,

Incase you haven’t heard, in 2016 we started running Content Samurai Webinars, which are a really neat way for us to sit down with users and guide you through different ways to use the app.

In these Webinars we show you how to create your first video all the way up to advanced tips and tricks. We also leave a section at the end open for a Q&A session, which has been an awesome way to help out users in live time!

If you’ve missed any of our Content Samurai Webinars, you’ll be glad to know that we have recordings of them all, which you’ll find links to below!

Webinar 1 – Apr 7, 2016

In Webinar 1 we:

  • Announced new and exciting Upcoming Features in Content Samurai
  • Showed you how to use Keyboard Shortcuts to help you speed up using the app

Webinar 2 – May 24, 2016

In our Webinar 2 we showed you:

  • How to break out from the crowd using our new Create Custom Themes feature
  • How to master the custom themes feature to Create Your Very Own Custom Branded Videos

Webinar 3 - Jun 19, 2016

In the Webinar 3 we:

  • Created a live end-to-end video including
  • Creating a Secondary Reading Path
  • Formatting Slides by Splitting and Merging the text
  • Formatting The Text on Slides so they are easier to digest
  • Creating a New Theme by picking a background images, a new font and text colour
  • Creating an Image Only Demo Section
  • Recording Your Audio in Content Samurai
  • Uploading Video Clips in the Slide section
  • Picking Background Music for your video
  • Manually Adjusting Timing so your audio syncs up with your slides

Webinar 4 - Aug 9, 2016

In Webinar 4 we:

  • Previewed our new Amazing Business Templates
  • Showed you how to use the new Upload Voice Feature

Webinar 5 - Sep 11, 2016

In Webinar 5 we:

  • Had Our First Special Guest – Dr. Anthony Fernando who discussed new features and the direction of the app
  • Revealed a few Important Changes to the app including where the background music lives
  • Ran through a Quick Refresher on Uploading Audio Files
  • Showed you How To Add Video Clips
  • Had another quick refresher on using Custom Themes and
  • Showed off the brand New Pre Built Themes

Webinar 6 - Nov 1, 2016

In Webinar 6 we showed you:

  • The 3 new ways Content Samurai Splits Up Your Script (auto, one slide per sentence, one slide per paragraph)
  • How to use the New Image Suggestions feature to make picking images a lot easier!
  • The New Images Library which has newer, higher quality images
  • We ran you through the options for covering yourself by explaining what the Creative Commons licence information is and how it helps you!
  • And we also announced the Noble Samurai Video Awards Winners

Webinar 7 - Dec 14, 2016

In Webinar 7 we:

  • Introduced Video Folders to help keep your workflow organised
  • Introduced the new Search For Videos Feature
  • Introduced the new ‘Sort By’ feature
  • Had a Refresher on How to Split Script By Sentence or Paragraph
  • Also had a Refresher on Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Showed you how to Adjust Your Video Length
  • And we talked about the I Use Content Samurai Facebook Group

Webinar 8 - Jan 23, 2017

In Webinar 8 we:

  • Did a Live Makeover of a Video from the I Use Content Samurai Facebook Group – which included
  • Creating a Secondary Reading Path
  • Creating and adding a Custom Theme
  • Uploading an Intro Video

Webinar 9 - Feb 16, 2017

In Webinar 9 we:

  • Had an in-depth look at How the Affiliate System works for Content Samurai – including
  • Showed you how to Join the Affiliate Program
  • Showed you the Free Affiliate Resources we provide
  • Showed you How To Track Your Earnings to see how you’re performing
  • Explained How Much You Earn as an affiliate
  • And let you know When You Will Get Paid from any sales made as an affiliate

So that’s what was covered in the first 9 Content Samurai Webinars!

To make sure you don’t miss any upcoming Webinars, join our I Use Content Samurai Facebook group! That way you’ll be able to sign up for our future Webinars first, have a place to post your Content Samurai videos to get feedback and interact with other Content Samurai users to get tips and tricks on using the app.


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