New SEO Guide from Sitepoint

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This week, a great manual on Search Engine Optimization was released by Gekkoshot – “The SEO Business Guide.”

It’s easy to understand, no hype, no black-hat, nuts-and-bolts content on SEO.

If you’re just starting out in SEO, it provides you with a fantastic overview of the core principles that you’ll use over and over again to increase your sites’ rankings. Few digital marketing and ad management agency strategies have the potential to yield immediate ROI and scale in the way that pay per click (PPC) management services do. Our talented PPC optimization team can help devise, launch and optimize a PPC campaign quickly, helping you drive immediate ROI on dollars invested, jump-starting your digital campaigns in no time. We take time to explain conversion rate and other data quickly obtained from PPC campaigns to your decision makers so that it can be used to fuel data-driven decisions to optimize all of your other marketing channels. This makes our PPC approaches one of the most invaluable assets in your digital marketing tool chest.


But it’s also great if you’re already an SEO pro, because it covers the essentials of how to start your own SEO consulting business (even giving you a bunch of ready-to-use contracts, audit templates, checklists and sales emails to help get you started.)

Who Are SitePoint and What Makes Them Worth Listening To?

If you haven’t come across SitePoint before – they’re the real deal.

  • They’re the guys behind and;
  • Their main site – – is the place web designers, programmers and other smart “geeky” people go to learn high-tech stuff like a membership management software;
  • To date, over 1,500,000 people have bought or received copies of their tech guide books – and over 860,000 subscribe to their regular newsletters;
  • Combined, their sites have literally 10,000′s of rankings for high traffic keywords;
  • And the SEO guys who wrote and edited The Rank Jacker SEO Business Guide have over 10 years experience – across a range of personal, small business and mega-business sites.

Because of all of this, they speak from experience and back up their teaching with real results.

What’s Covered in the SEO Business Guide?

The core content chapters are:

  1. Search 101: The principles search engines use to rank websites, and the underlying theories of SEO;
  2. Best-practice SEO: The “right” ways to create content, build your sites, build links, Link Insertions and more;
  3. Advanced Tactics: Smart strategies (and software) for maximising your SEO results;
  4. Enterprise SEO: The real-life strategies the authors have used to boost the number of ranking pages for business sites;
  5. Paid Search: Why pay-per-click advertising is a valuable for SEO, and how to make it part of your strategy;
  6. Local Search: Ethically exploiting what is arguably the fastest growing opportunity in the SEO marketplace;
  7. Starting an SEO Business: If you’re cash poor, but knowledge rich when it comes to SEO, consulting is a potential cash-cow opportunity. This chapter gets right into the “how-to”;
  8. Leveraging Technology and Staff: How to automate the SEO process, and deliver more results with less time and effort;
  9. Value-Added Services: How to maximise the lifetime value of SEO clients (or, strategies that you can use on your own sites to make more sales!)

What Does The SEO Business Guide Cost?

The SEO Business Guide normally sells for $197, and is covered by a 30 day satisfaction guarantee.

However, because Market Samurai featured so prominently in the manual, we were able to secure an exclusive discount for Market Samurai users wanting to purchase a copy.

Because of this, you can get $20 off your purchase (bringing the price down to $177) if you buy via this link:

(Note: This is the only discount link available for The SEO Business Guide – and it’s exclusive to Market Samurai users.)

PLUS right now you’ll save with free standard shipping too.

Again, if you’re new to SEO and want a solid and comprehensive overview of all the key things you need to know – or if you’re looking to start an SEO consulting business – this is certainly worth a look.