Our New Site makes Managing Your Software Easier

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With the release of the second member of the Samurai family of products and our user base now well over the 150,000 mark, we found a flaw in our systems…

Managing registration keys, downloads and software updates was becoming harder for you – our users.

So we have designed a new system that is better looking than the old thanks to the Salesforce team; that saves you more time and energy; that makes managing your time more effective and leaves more time for the fun side of life.

Welcome to your new Noble Samurai Account.

What Is the Account System?

The Account System is a hub for all your Noble Samurai activities and ties together a lot of functions for Market Samurai and Domain Samurai that previously had to be done manually – or may have even required you to submit a support ticket.

With your new Noble Samurai account, you’ll have all your tools in one place, accessible with one email address and password.

Inside your account you’ll have access to:

  • Registration details for all Noble Samurai software
  • Activation reset system
  • Account detail updates
  • Software purchase and upgrades

How Do I Get An Account?

The account system is simple, it’s a single gateway to all your Noble Samurai software.

You can set up your account using the email address from your existing Market Samurai or Domain Samurai software.

We’ve put together this video to run you through how to use your existing details to sign up. If you don’t have any Noble Samurai software yet, you can sign up for your free Noble Samurai account here.

How Do I Use My Account?

Now that you’re signed up and signed in, you’ll need to know how to use all the new functions.

Ben has created this handy tutorial video that will take you through all the functions inside your account.

He’ll show you how to access your account and registration details, how to reset your activations for your software and how to purchase or upgrade your software.

All Systems Are Go!

Now you’ve got everything you need to set up your Noble Samurai account. We hope that this new addition will make using Market and Domain Samurai easier and more efficient.

Which means more time to concentrate on the fun side of life.

All the best!

Alex Green

P.S. You don’t need to have a copy of Market or Domain Samurai to sign up for your account, and signing up is completely free. Just head here to sign up for your account.

Alex "The Green Samurai" Green is a member of your friendly Samurai support team, and frequently provides updates on the latest Samurai happenings on the blog.

Alex has written 22 post(s) for Noble Samurai

33 Responses to “Our New Site makes Managing Your Software Easier”

  1. Good information, its really valuable for fans of market samurai

    Elvis replied:

    Its amazing how you guys seem to think of everything. Your products and the upgrades are better than first class, and you just keep making things better and easier.
    Thanks and more grease toy your fingers!

  2. 2

    Good day,

    Since we in Nigeria are not accepted by paypal, why not integrate 2CO or Plimus payment gateway to your website so that we can be part of the buyers of some products. We are being discriminated upon. Most of us wants to do legit businesses online.

    Please consider my request.

    Joan Stewart replied:

    Hi Nnamdi,

    If you have a VISA or Master Card (Debit or Credit) you should be able to make a purchase.

    PayPal may have to clear your account by taking a small amount to test. Once the testing is done and confirmed you can buy online – but won’t be able to receive money.

    Take a read and check on your country on the PayPal site.

    Ademola Usuf replied:

    Hello Nnamdi,

    I agree with you about the payment option available to us from Nigeria. I hope this will be put into consideration. They just might be REALLY surprised to find out, how many of us are willing to register and who are already doing business legitimately online.


  3. I like the new look of the site- great work guys!

  4. It is easy for me

  5. Great work team. This will be very convenient

  6. I take it we will still get the updates when we launch Market Samurai??

  7. This is a great addition to what you have done already.
    I’m just waiting for the challenge to start.
    Maybe this year i can finish it.
    Its hard trying to do it on dial up isp connection.
    Maybe with the new programming i can complete it this year.
    I’m looking forward to purchasing the upgrade to the full version of MS.

  8. Hi Alex,

    What a great idea to get one account for everything existing and coming. I am so impressed about your products and the wonderful services you are providing. Your tutorial videos are exceptional, especially your calm voice helps everybody to achieve amazing things.
    Thanks so much and I am looking forward to your next products.

  9. Hello Alex and everyone ….

    You guy’s rock. I love all you guys and your accents make listening to the training even more enjoyable. :-)

    Oh and Market Samurai, absolutely the best!

    Thanks for all you do, and the awesome content you put out.

    MegaWire Marketing, LLC.

  10. Nice feature…

    And for anyone else like me who changed their email address since first registering MS, this is good as it gives an easy way to update the product registration details so you no longer have to remember to login/update etc with an old email addy.

  11. If I understand right, domain samurai is included inside market samurai.

    So what is the account system for? Is it for new, incoming products?

  12. Just Brilliant!

    You really understand customer service. I set up my account and was able to solve a problem getting Domain Samurai to work in Noble Samurai. I was using two different email addresses.

    I think all software developers should take note of the online account.. Microsoft, Adobe, Sage to name a few. Makes it just so easy in this day and age when we have to remember so many user names and passwords.

  13. hi Alex, may be a daft question but I have the 2 bits of software but also the domain add on in my market sam. Do i use the domain software as a standalone piece of kit and what are the benefits of me having both?


  14. Great idea and excellent way of handling the products/downloads etc.

  15. Clean & very nice design. Love the new colours! It reminds me of Champion Awards, Gold Seals & Fort Knox Ingots; wealth, wealth, wealth.

    And the new system for keeping track of my software through Noble Samurai, saving you lots of grief & time too, bloody well done. Maybe even unique worldwide, to date. Wish everyone did this for their clientele.

    Thank you for such fine work, folks.

  16. Whoa… this is definitely news. I’m learning more and more with this software. keep up the good work.

    All the best.


  17. Hey!
    Guess I made a mistake. My comment went as a reply to Achmad Aldi. So so sorry. It is my “comment” and not a “reply” to anyone.
    I am not always a pig face!

  18. As always you are good at making things that gives everybody a great overview of things. What you have done is great but I am not a computer technician but have worked with MS for a long time and working with that comes a lot of other software that makes the process of things easier – which could be different bought software etc. and what I find difficult is to keep track of all that software and how it works every time I try to set up a new site or just to find the different softwares.

    I am not sure if this could be done but I would love it was possible to keep all my software used for IM in one place with all the needed details. If this is not working here would someone else then have an idea on what to do?


  19. 19
    On July 1st, 2010 at 8:29 pm
    Monique said:

    I got so excited. I thought you were releasing a web-based version of Market Samurai. Is this new account for the purpose of encouraging us to view any training videos that are released? I don’t really understand the reason for the change. Perhaps someone could shed some light on the issue.

  20. Nice one you just released again. This is great.
    But your payment mode using pay pal is not ok by Nigerians who are doing legit business online. Incorporate a friendly payment processor that way it will be fine.
    Again keep uo the good work.

  21. You’ve made the process very quick and easy to deal with.
    I like the new format and ability to manage the account.
    Nice work.

  22. Just when I think that MS can’t get any better, you came up with this… you guys really rocks!

  23. Great work and I love your software. You make this whole process so much easier to do. This will be helpful in the future.

  24. Congratulations on the new account management system. It is really great! Will the support section be merged in with this new system? Currently is requires a separate login.

  25. Great Work Again …

    Love the spirits you have for your Customers & now Affiliates also!

    Thanks for All of Your Support & Keep the Good Work Going…

    Sanjay Gupta

  26. Still using the free membership and it’s very usefull, planning to upgrade it to paid membership, I wonder how much does it cost now.

  27. I thought i would just leave a link to your account page since you forgot to put one :-)


  28. We love you guys, always GREAT stuff. Top notch Video Training for your products, with a little extra, every time… Thanks

  29. Great enhancement guys..

    Just set up my account. Things are going to be so much easier especially as I reformat my hard drives quite regularly and often forget to uninstall my copy of market samurai..

    Brilliant work again!
    UK Internet Marketingʼs last blog post… Top Tips on Choosing a Good Domain Name To Boost SEO Rankings

  30. Lovin the new hub.. It’s definitely going to make navigating between the two much more convenient.

    I have one question for Alex and the NobleSam crew… What is the reason for the “Reset My Activations” tab?

    And sorry in advance if that has already been answered somewhere, I was unable to find a good answer :)

    Thanks Again Alex for the info you deliver…

    Cheers from Wyo