Our New Site makes Managing Your Software Easier

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With the release of the second member of the Samurai family of products and our user base now well over the 150,000 mark, we found a flaw in our systems…

Managing registration keys, downloads and software updates was becoming harder for you – our users.

So we have designed a new system that is better looking than the old thanks to the Salesforce team; that saves you more time and energy; that makes managing your time more effective and leaves more time for the fun side of life.

Welcome to your new Noble Samurai Account.

What Is the Account System?

The Account System is a hub for all your Noble Samurai activities and ties together a lot of functions for Market Samurai and Domain Samurai that previously had to be done manually – or may have even required you to submit a support ticket.

With your new Noble Samurai account, you’ll have all your tools in one place, accessible with one email address and password.

Inside your account you’ll have access to:

  • Registration details for all Noble Samurai software
  • Activation reset system
  • Account detail updates
  • Software purchase and upgrades

How Do I Get An Account?

The account system is simple, it’s a single gateway to all your Noble Samurai software.

You can set up your account using the email address from your existing Market Samurai or Domain Samurai software.

We’ve put together this video to run you through how to use your existing details to sign up. If you don’t have any Noble Samurai software yet, you can sign up for your free Noble Samurai account here.

How Do I Use My Account?

Now that you’re signed up and signed in, you’ll need to know how to use all the new functions.

Ben has created this handy tutorial video that will take you through all the functions inside your account.

He’ll show you how to access your account and registration details, how to reset your activations for your software and how to purchase or upgrade your software.

All Systems Are Go!

Now you’ve got everything you need to set up your Noble Samurai account. We hope that this new addition will make using Market and Domain Samurai easier and more efficient.

Which means more time to concentrate on the fun side of life.

All the best!

Alex Green

P.S. You don’t need to have a copy of Market or Domain Samurai to sign up for your account, and signing up is completely free. Just head here to sign up for your account.